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Bejot LIFT LF 10R


You do not need two products: an armchair and a stool any longer. LIFT is a model which combines these two functions and is the best variant of a seat for tables with an adjustable height. Designed in accordance with the sitting & standing philosophy, it creates new standards in movement and flexibility in daily office life. It enables you to change your position from sitting to standing whenever you need it. It is used in customer service departments, banks, labs, during short effective talks, also in offices where health care for employees is a priority.
LUFT is designed on a synchro-mechanism and has all necessary adjustments: a synchronic reclining backrest and seat, an adjustable seat depth and an adjustable seat tilt angle, that is the working position. The seat is specially profiled in order to guarantee comfort at work and a stable support in standing position. The height of the seat is adjustable within a range of 200 mm. in addition LIFT has a self-locking ring which gives support for the feet in every position. Owing to all these solutions, LIFT is an ideal supplement to adjustable tables which are available in the market.